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T3 Innovation is dedicated to using the latest technology to make products that will give the highest performance possible at the very best cost/value level. 

We are acquiring these new technologies for exclusive use on our own designs and will make them available as we roll out new products this year and beyond.  To “move the needle” in the handheld test equipment market we believe this strategy will provide the best user experience and customer satisfaction possible.

SSTDR - Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry

Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology has been used over the past 50 years to determine various characteristics of cables like length, whether there is an Open or Short in the cable and the types of terminations or faults that exist and their location.  The typical technologies that have been used over these years do not allow the user to work on energized conductors due to high noise caused by current and voltage flows.  Spread Spectrum TDR Technology (SSTDR) overcomes these limitations by using reflected multiple spread spectrum signals.  Now, for the first time, cables can be analyzed in the field without interruption of signals, voltage or current.  In addition SSTDR systems have the additional benefit of being able to precisely locate the position of a fault while cables are fully energized and connected.  Accuracy of within a few centimeters over live cables is possible as well. 

Being able to “shoot” live wires also opens up new possibilities for finding and fixing intermittent Arc Fault Conditions.  Typically, these dangerous faults are difficult to find since they occur on cables in use.  The SSTDR technology allows the development of live monitoring test equipment that can pinpoint faults along wires while voltage is present.  T3 innovation will be at the forefront of this new capability.

In addition to being accurate and usable on “live” wires, SSTDR technology can be applied using the latest microprocessor advances to produce low cost TDR’s for specific applications in all kinds of industrial and enterprise applications.  Contact us to find out more about our on going OEM product development

T3 Innovation is in the process of developing a complete suite of products using this new effective way to see down cables of all types easily, quickly and inexpensively.  Our first product, Snap-Shot, will be launched this spring and will bring a whole new level of functionality to the TDR based test equipment market.  This summer T3 will launch additional products using SSTDR as a component of their overall functionality giving these products capabilities that have traditionally been reserved for testers costing much, much more.