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Industrial Construction Live Wire Electrical Testing

Working on existing electrical systems in factories and installing new electrical equipment and controls today gets more complex and intertwined than ever before due to the amount of information that now flows, along with electricity, throughout every factory.  Advanced SSTDR technology products from T3 Innovation will enable both contractors as well as electrical systems designers to see more clearly down each conductor and monitor events, conditions and faults without disconnecting lines or taking production off line. 

A new production line can be laid out and existing cable runs can be tested for reliability and condition while production continues without interruption.  24/7 monitoring will establish comparative benchmarks for rating these existing lines and show events that are recurring intermittently both as a detection and location.  Changes and upgrades can then be made with confidence before the new equipment is started up.

Getting cable conditions on live wires will become an expected capability and T3 is developing a range of handheld as well as embedded products that will make this a reality.