One Ended Tests

Detects wiring issues or bad connections per TIA568 A/B

Signal to Noise Ratio

Detect and measure electronic noise, both ambient, alien and internally generated, per IEEE 802.3 with two GigTest units.

Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)

Generate and receive data packets at Gbit speed, receiving and measuring time and accuracy, per IEEE 802.3 with two GigTest units.

10x Long Bert Test

Generate sustained BERT packets to help detect spurious/impulse noise which can result in data error re-transmission effects with two GigTest units.

See Test Results via Wi-Fi

All tests transmitted via Wi-Fi for storing results in a spreadsheet format.

GigTest Linking

Connect two GigTest devices and test metrics like Signal to Noise Ratio and Skew. See both error generation and/or noise interference effects that may impede data flow at the highest possible level with a Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)