SSTDR Comparison Chart

SSDTR Comparison Chart

The SSTDR product comparison chart compares the Snap Shot, Power Prowler, and Arc Chaser.

Product Features Snap Shot SS200
Snap Shot
Power Prowler PLR600Power Prowler
Arc Chaser AC120Arc Chaser
SSTDR technology
Tests energized cables up to 60V
Tests energized cables up to 600V
Detect Length to “hard” Opens & Shorts
Event Detection (monitors for intermittent faults >3 Sec.)
Live (Intermittent Fault Detection) Faults >15nS (Arc’s)
Calibrate VOP
VOP Memory
VOP Library
Waveform Graph
Digital Multimeter
Tone Generation
Color LCD Screen
3.5″ Color Touch Screen
Interface connection F conn Banana Banana
Modular connector interface
Hanging Clip
Rated up to 600V CAT II
Save and export results
External Memory
Languages (EN, FR, ESP) EN EN
Battery: AA batteries 4 6
Battery: Rechargable Lithium-ion
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