What is a network jack tester?

What is a network jack tester?

Are you having problems repairing an internet connection? Sometimes calling the internet service provider does not help. The truth is you can easily solve the internet issues on your own, with the proper tools of course. We know how important it is for your job to fix internet connections in an instant. As we all could lose a lot of money every second with no internet connection.

Causes for internet connection problems

There can be different reasons why an internet connection is not working properly. Since a network connection is linked to each potential cause for internet difficulty, it may be hard to spot what needs repairing. If only you could easily isolate the problem and automatically figure out what needs repairing.

Sometimes the problem is with the modem, filter, connections or merely the security settings in your network. The wires connecting to the internet service provider can also affect an internet connection. Testing them through the wall jack can definitely tell you if they’re the cause or not. But you would need specific tools to make your job easier.

Isolating the problem

But how do you know if you are receiving internet signals from the internet service provider? Here are some things you should check if an internet connection is malfunctioning:

  • Check the physical connections from the wall jack to the modem (if connected through WIFI) or the computer (if connected via Ethernet cable). Make sure all cables are secure and properly attached.
  • Check if there is a filter between the modem and the router. Filters are small rectangular boxes (usually white in color) that are meant to optimize signals for phone use. Placing one between your modem and the wall jack would cause the internet connection to malfunction.
  • Check how many devices are connected in the WIFI network (if using wifi). Most wifi routers would only support up to 10 devices.
  • Try restarting the modem in the process. Simply remove the plug for about 10 seconds. Check if the internet connection works after restarting.
  • Check the modem’s configurations and security settings. Simply type in in an internet browser’s search bar to access the modem’s firmware settings. Make sure that no setting is preventing you from accessing the internet.

If doing these steps did not help, then it is advised that you try out the next step, which is using a network jack tester. Applications are endless with this type of device. Truth be told, the first step in solving a problem is to know what the problem is exactly and this tool can help you figure out (accurately, even!) what causes your internet connection problem.

Use a network jack tester

A tool for you to use in these situations is a network jack tester. A network jack tester can weed out network cables that cause your internet connection to fail. These devices are very helpful when testing your wall jack for connection is the only option you have left.

There are user-friendly instructions on how to use a network jack tester online, so a technical background is not a requirement when using this device (very user-friendly interface). Cable Prowler and Net Prowler are ideal choices since they have highly accurate readings and easy-to-use interface.

You can buy these two network testers online. Cable Prowler and Net Prowler can save you from a lot of headaches in the future, it can even solve your internet problems now. Cable installers and IT network administrators trust only Cable Prowler and Net Prowler as their tools for repairing internet connection.You would definitely need tools like these to assist you in work.