How to Test VoIP

How to Test VoIP

Advances in technology bring a multitude of upgrades to the home and workplace, but they also incorporate more “moving” parts into already complex systems. While the benefits of combining these technologies is immense, voice communications will now be reliant on the performance of data networks. When installing and performing tests on a VoIP device, the technician requires diagnostic tools like The Net Chaser to quickly and accurately determine the health of every layer of the network.

Physical and Data Layer Diagnostic

As the carrier of all the network traffic, a problem in an Ethernet cable, router, or switch can cause service interruptions, delays, and outright failures. The Net Chaser uses Bit Error Rate testing to determine the actual speed of the connection and the exact location and type of fault in any of the physical data carriers. For VoIP concerns, the technician will want to ensure that the cables and devices are 100/1000 Mbps capable.

When the endpoints of the cables are locked behind walls or other obstacles, isolating them can be accomplished through the use of testing remotes. If the number of cables tested makes reading the output of the tests on the smaller screen of the Net Chaser prohibitive or if sharing the results is necessary, the information can be transferred to a PDF file.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Various brands of VoIP devices are powered directly through their network connection, so it is necessary to load test the components and end to end power transfer. With the Net Chaser, this is as simple as connecting the device to the network as you would when performing the initial tests and then running the PoE diagnostic. Compare the test results to the power needs of the VoIP device. The remote testing modules can be used for isolated testing and the test results can be exported to PDF as can be done with the other examinations.

VoIP Device Network Settings

Once it has been verified that the hardware is working correctly, the network settings of the device need to be configured for the network. The Net Chaser has access to a series of tests and configuration screens to make this step easier to perform. Most commonly, this will involve deciding between DHCP and Static IPs, performing VLAN capability checks for phones in-line with the switch, and examining if CDP or LLDP is enabled. The exact settings that are required will vary based on the needs of the network and the type of VoIP device in use.

Fast and Complete Diagnostics for all VoIP Needs

Like any other piece of Information Technology, VoIP phones can be a useful addition to a network, and IT technicians can expect to work on their installation and configuration more frequently with time. Acquiring a network diagnostic tool that can rapidly and proficiently examine every aspect of the network and VoIP devices will prove to be even more essential to keep up with the needs of IT complexity. The Net Chaser has the knowledge and army of electronic allies ready to scout every corner of the network and keep it running smoothly.