Ethernet Speed Tester Simplified with GigTest

Since 2005, over 70 billion meters of Cat5 and Cat6 cabling have been installed in local area networks around the world. It is the greatest wiring scheme ever seen on the planet. The owners of these networks now have aging infrastructures that have to adapt to faster speeds, more data, and increased power requirements. What worked well 10 years ago may not be able to withstand today’s aggressive, required levels of performance.

Owners of networks are advised to test each link within these older networks to see what can be transmitted effectively between outlet jacks and the new, high-speed switches being purchased and plugged into the system. Unless this detailed investigation and qualification is done, some sections of the network could overload, or effects in other sections could unbalance the overall structure of a given network.

Until now the preferred way to assure 100 percent speed certification of respective cable links has been to apply three key test metrics that look at noise, latency, and data packets. These three metrics are:

  1. Skew
  2. Signal to Noise Ratio
  3. Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)

The absence of any one test calls into question the viability of a link to carry data at a higher and most desired speed.

Desired speeds of 10 bits and 100 Mbits are overshadowed by Gigabit speed for data transference by individual links. Testing each link within a network and getting accurate capability data on speed performance are critical.

This affects millions of network technicians, IT personnel, field service forces, and independent contractors working with global customers to keep their networks working smoothly.

A cost-effective device was needed, one that not only helped the broadest cohort get their jobs done, but was an affordable device they could justify procuring. The T3 Innovation GigTest is perfectly designed to meet all these needs.

The GC1000 GigTest Ethernet Speed Tester is the result of years of engineering development work on advanced PHY chips used in the Net Chaser Speed Certifier. By simplifying the user interface and adding the ability for wireless reporting, T3 breaks through the price levels to get the advanced speed testing metrics into customers’ hands.

At less than $500 a unit, GigTest delivers a huge array of information directly to mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for display, store or send/share. Skew, Signal to Noise and BERT tests are all part of the tester, along with simple cable test information to confirm the ability to run links at the highest possible speed —a Gigabit — as per 802.3 specifications.

Featuring an easy user interface that can be used by all levels of network personal, affordable to purchase and own, the GigTest sets a new standard in both simplicity and capability when it comes to guaranteeing up to 1 Gigabit speed capabilities in every link.

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