Troubleshooting with a Coaxial Cable Tester

Troubleshooting with a Coaxial Cable Tester

The Coax Clarifier coaxial cable tester gives cable installers, technicians & troubleshooters… craftsmen… a set of tools to confirm their cable run will carry a strong signal to its destination.

For example, after a long circuitous run through an install site, how good is that cable, really? Did that sharp turn over a ceiling joist affect the coax shielding? Are any inline couplers, or bulkhead connectors, causing unacceptable line loss? What about the splitter that wires up half the site? Is that a good splitter or a signal sink?

Due to the advanced technology used in the Coax Clarifier, these questions can be answered and confirmed with certainty over an unpowered coax cable network.

Several features are available in this hand held tester: Cable length can be measured up to 1500 feet. Line quality in dB is shown (anything above 25.0 dB is a good measurement, above 35.0 dB is a great signal.) Test for opens and shorts. Check for cable terminators. Use the included Remote ID terminators to identify unknown cable runs, even through splitters. Send multiple tone tracing signals. Discover splitter performance… All this and more in one outdoor, easy to use tester.

The Coax Clarifier is a line technician’s toolkit. The LCD display shows exactly what a technician needs to know to verify an installation will carry the video, network, and TV signals needed for a well-crafted, quality outcome.